• Cynthia Veniot

Spring Cleaning For Your Psyche

For many, the arrival of spring signifies new beginnings and the reenergization of self. This is why spring-cleaning is so popular. It is a time to channel our newly found energy into something productive. This article will suggest ways to help you tackle spring-cleaning…of your psyche! By using Dr. Sirota’s approach to psychological decluttering as my resource, I will highlight steps that you can take to declutter your mind, by focusing on ways to rid yourself of built up negative self-talk, worries, and resentment.

One of Dr. Sirota’s first suggestions in ridding yourself of negative mental buildup is to take a break from technology. By practicing social media awareness and reducing the amount of time you spend on social media, you are decreasing the likelihood of comparing yourself to others. Why is this important you ask? Comparing ourselves to others, particularly through social media platforms, is proven to lead to feelings of depression and envy.

Practicing self-compassion, in other words, silencing the inner critic, is a further tool used in psychological decluttering. By practicing self-compassion, you are becoming increasingly self-forgiving and self-accepting. You are acknowledging that youare a work in progress. You are recognizing that negative thoughts are a waste of mental space and energy. A simple way of accomplishing this suggestion is to write out all of the negative self-statements or thoughts that you can think of, and then writing out as many positive statements. These statements can include daily accomplishments, successes, etc. The goal is to overpower the negative thoughts with the positive ones, thus fostering an increase in self-confidence and positive mood.

As resentment and anger can create mental clutter, it is important to find productive and conscious ways of managing and releasing these negative emotions. Creative tools of expression such as dancing, drawing, painting, writing, and music are all ways to help rid yourself of resentment and anger. Any sort of vigorous exercise can also help release negative emotions.

A final method to help declutter your mind is to exercise gratitude. Writing out things that you are grateful for can improve your mood as it places emphasis on the positive, consequently diverting your attention away from the negative.

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