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The Positive Action Movement

“Believe you can, and you’re halfway there.”

-T. Roosevelt

Many, particularly during the cold, dark Canadian winters, may feel like they are barely staying afloat. It is during these moments that our problems tend to be magnified, when we have a heightened sense of our issues, and when we are more sensitive to negativity.

We are repeatedly reminded of the importance of remaining positive. This is a lot easier said than done, mostly because we cannot fake the feeling of positivity. We can, however, take this “down in the dumps” feeling and create beneficial change from it. Emphasis is on positive action. In other words, seeing the difficult aspects of your life as opportunities for change. With change, we see what is possible and achievable. Positive action can lead to positive thinking, which can in fact increase longevity, decrease the rate of depression and help you produce better coping skills.

One of the key elements of this positive action movement is gaining clarity, by observing negative thoughts and seeing them for what they truly are – merely words. Once these thoughts are observed in a non-judgmental way (therefore, not giving them any true meaning), you can start contemplating the cause of the negative thoughts. Are you comparing yourself to others, feeling like a failure, feeling like you have no self-worth, feeling guilty, blameworthy or imperfect? If so, why?

I believe that not engaging in enough self-care is at the root of many of our negative thoughts and negative self-talk. In this article, a lack of self-care is defined as not doing enough of what fulfills youin a day. An obvious solution to this problem is to engage in more activities that you enjoy doing, or that you feel better about yourself for doing. Examples may include: exercising, eating healthier foods, reading more, or socializing. It may also help to create a positive home and work atmosphere, by incorporating such things as music, salt lamps, essential oils, and so on.

By engaging in the positive action movement, and perhaps incorporating some of the tips suggested in this article, you are more likely to think in an increasingly positive way, feel more free and autonomous, as well as increase your tolerance for negativity.

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